Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Health Updates

Last week I got in to see a fertility specialist and for the first time someone listened to each and every problem and asked questions about ever aspect of what I have been dealing with off and on since I was 11. That alone was therapeutic :) They decided it was time to do a laporoscopy to check for endometreosis or any other cause for my problems. I am currently scheduled for Jan. 22, but that could change if they find anything from the tests. And before anyone worries about me going through IVF or fertility meds., no need to be concerned! My main goal and desire is to get diagnosed and then figure out from there what course of treatment we would be comfortable with. With that said, they ran blood work to check my hormone levels and they performed an ultrasound to check for any abnormalities that could be seen on US. They did find a cyst on my right ovary. Basically they will take all the results and of all the tests and somehow see if there is anything they can conclude from those. I also scheduled some insulin tolerance tests to check for any problems there.

After about a week we got a call from the nurse saying they had found all my levels to be fine except for my thyroid (which by the way was tested numerous times two years ago). I am scheduled to go in Monday for further testing of my thyroid. This is a huge relief, believe it or not. Mostly because we are getting somewhere and finding answers that I have wanted for soooo long.

This has been a hard week for my health wise as I have struggled through another monthly visit ;) (if you get my drift). They totally wipe me out and I find myself nearly bed ridden. At times it feels as bad as my labors were, but without the wonderful gift of a new baby :( It has brought me closer to the Lord as I find myself relying on Him more and crying out to Him for relief. It's funny how in the midst of the paid I am sure this is NOT normal and just like laboring a baby I then forget about a week out, how bad it was and I begin to question if I am just being a baby. But at the moment I can confirm that it is real and VERY NOT NORMAL! I even find myself breathing through the pains as if they were contractions :|

So that is the update. There are still a few followers out there who have requested updates and I wanted to share this with you. Hopefully this will help you in your prayers for me, as I need many prayers. Well I need to go lay down I am feeling pretty bad at the moment.

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