Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Official: Hypothyroidism

Well I finally got a Dr. to look at my lab results and most importantly, listen to my symptoms. Dr. B without a doubt felt I am struggling with Hypothyroidism. This is good news because it means I can finally get help and try to get healthy. All the other dr.'s have treated the individual symptoms. Hypothyroidism is the cause of my heart palpitations, infertility, hairloss, inability to lose weight, lack of energy, and dry skin that at times has become pretty severe. Since he is in GA he will be emailing me the info on the treatment he has for me. From what he told me when we were there this weekend, I will be taking about 3-4 different meds./supplements. He thought I should see dramatic changes in the first few months. I am just so excited to finally have answers. In the many questions he asked I told him about my recent visit with a Dr. that wanted to put me and Ryan through a number of procedures and testing....even surgery for me. The same Dr. felt my thyroid was borderline and that I should "look into AFTER the surgery". This was a red flag for me and Dr. B even felt that they were just wanting to make money. So that is my update. I am looking forward to updating you all with news that I am on the mend.

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