Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Was Suckered...

Well not really! We have the greatest dentist in the world, at least we like him! Even though, nearly every time I have a cleaning, I find out I need yet another filling. Well this last cleaning I found out that a tooth that I "killed" when I was 8 is in need of a root canal before it gets bad. I also found out that I need yet another filling. So we went ahead and scheduled the filling first. As I went in today to get the filling Dr. Lambert got word of Ryan's layoff and the fact that we have insurance just until the end of May. With that knowledge he decided we better go ahead and do the root canal as he has to do it in steps over a period of several weeks :( I was less than thrilled, but agreed to let the torture begin. As he prepared to stab me with the longest needle in the world I asked about nitrous and if I would be allowed any. He was so kind to give me some, but I began feeling light headed and decided to fore go it. So on with the torture. After the never ending stabbing into my gums he gave me time to ponder and let my jaw feel like it was a mile from my head. As I sat there I felt myself tremble with the thought of what it may be like. So I decided to pray for the Lord's strength and mercy and that he would ease my pain and anxiousness. Dr. Lambert came in and began the process of drilling, filing, roto rooting...hehe, rinsing, more filing and roto rooting, rinsing and then packing and closing off the hole. And guess what...not one ounce of pain or discomfort. I just felt the vibration, but no pain or even pressure. I am thankful now that the worst part is over and can't wait to see what my teeth will look like once I get the crown. No more yellow tooth that always stands out in every picture :)

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