Friday, March 20, 2009

Introducing Chef Thomas!

I have learned that when I am making a meal and the boys are acting wild and even fighting that it helps to call them in to help me in the kitchen. However, it usually creates more fighting as they fight over who does what with Mommy and so on. I finally had a peaceful wonderful time that I have been hoping for just cooking with my children. How did I pull it off? I invited one to help and if the other wanted to be in there, they could only watch. And hopefully we can take turns with it. Thomas was my cook tonight as we were making Loaded Potato Soup...mmm...just seeing the words makes my mouth water. It was so cute to see him stir that big 'ol pot as I added the ingredients. Every time I added something he said, "oh, thanks Mommy!" and stirred some more. He hung on till the end and really enjoyed seeing it come together and loved smelling it. Almost every meal Ryan thanks me for the meal and the boys follow. Well for the first time both me AND Thomas were thanked for the meal, and he thought that was pretty neat! I can't wait for our next cooking class :)


"Mmmm, smells good Mommy!"

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