Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thomas' 3rd Birthday Was a Charm!

Thomas turned three years old on the 12th. We've always done birthday here at home or at the park, but decided we would like to do a little more this time. Since Thomas loves the water so much I searched around for an indoor pool that was cheap and would allow us to do a party with our family as guests. Finally I found a local hotel that was gracious enough to let us do it and all we had to do was get a room for one night, which I consider a bargain compared to other birthday venues. We all had a blast, but I am certain that Thomas got the most out of it. He would repeatedly jump in the pool, swim to the steps, get out and do it all again. He also got a thrill out of being thrown up in the air as high as possible and crashing into the water. I again kept of the tradition of making the cake and again enjoyed it. This was by far my easiest and probably my favorite.

Joseph's fear of the water is all but improving. He refused to get in and I eventually forced him to get wet. Aren't Mom's great?

Thomas in constant action; made it hard to get a still picture.

The adults get away from the crowd as they soak in the hot tub.

My brother, Brandon with his youngest, sweet!

Birthday Boy!!!

Daddy takes over for Mommy as he holds onto Joseph. Joseph actually told me he didn't love me because I made him get in the water. FYI: The water was only 3 ft. deep at that end and he is nearly 4 ft. tall.

The adults had there fill, but the kids just can't get enough :)

It actually looked a little cuter than the picture shows. I used graham cracker crumbs for sand that goofy ran around on, fruit roll ups for seaweed and a surfboard that donald road on, gummy lifesavers for..well..lifesavers :), gummy sharks and sprinkle fish.

Thomas gets a little help blowing out all those candles, thanks Mamu!!!

Little Hayden thinks the wrapping is the best part!


Rochele said...

What a fun b-day! Loved the cake, wish I was more creative to do stuff like that. How is the job hunt going, or is it? John's job cut our insurance last week, which means that we have to pay for it now:( Oh well at least no layoffs...yet...

Megan and Ryan Reed said...

Thanks! It really doesn't take much creativity on my part. I just think of the easiest plan of action and just start doing it. It just seems to come together somehow :) Job search is still a job search. He's expanded his search to Atlanta, Chattanooga and the Surrounding East TN area basically. Lots of feelers out there through many connections, but no real opportunities yet. Many let downs, unfortunately. In good news, I am still keeping my kitchen tidy and working on the house room by room ;)