Monday, November 10, 2008

Sickness, School & CLOMID?!

Well I was turning around for the better until I finished my antibiotics and it is all coming right back. That's the last time I use Omnicef, it always seems to do this for me. I dread what is probably the inevitable, another sinus surgery :( .

Ryan's hashing out school as he nears the end of his third quarter. I don't know if I should be excited or scared as the classes seem to get harder and harder. And so far it's looking like he'll have all Saturday classes next quarter, from 9-5pm with a 30 min. break, yikes :O

Ryan and I have been trying for a third child and anytime I see my mom and comment that I'm tired, or not feeling well, her eyes bug out of her head. She'd love it if we'd wait awhile, like maybe when Joseph's in high school ;), but we're really desiring a teeny tiny little one to add to our family. I miss having a baby around the home. How you can tell the older children, "shhhh, the baby's sleeping" and they actually quiet down! Of course it is all God's will and that is what we long for, baby or no baby, just fulfilling God's will. I've been reluctant to mention what I am about to mention, because it is a rather opinionated topic and being that I am rather emotional about the topic, I've put it off. We have many family members who do not support our having children and even more who would not be thrilled to find out that we are diligently trying (if that's the right word). We are slowly coming to realize that it is our decision to make as a married couple. No one elses. Ultimately God knows and wills it. So that is why I have decided to post about all this. I've struggled ever since having Thomas with a lot of irregularity with my cycles and hormones. I've been off and on several medicines to fix the problem, but found out just recently that I have virtually no progesterone and not even ovulating ( and suspect that I haven't been for some time, hence the irregularity. SOOOOOO, my wonderful OBGYN of 11 years put me on progesterone and CLOMID!!!!! First of all, I am on the lowest dose possible and second of all the chance of multiples is 8% (for me probably more like 50% since there are 4 sets of twins in my family :). So imagine how excited my mom is with all that news! She took it better than my sister though, who was near panic and insisted on telling me over and over of the risk of multiples. Now, because my mom works at the pharmacy I go to, she gives me the bug eyes every visit (as to ask, "are you pregnant?!"). The verdict is still out as to whether or not the clomid has worked, but I do go this week to test my progesterone levels and see if they are back where they need to be.


Smoky Mountain Christian Living said...

Oh Megan, you and Ryan are grown ups. I believe that you are capable of making big boy decisions:) God is in control of it all anyways, but He has given each of us individual family units so we can decide these things for ourselves, but of course we can decide that we want three and He only give us two. Or you can be like John and I who decided we only wanted two and then gave us three!!! Seek His face ask that His will be done and He will bless you either way, be it a thrid child or two and a peace knowing that that is His will for your life. Seek Him Find Him & Praise Him in all that you endevor to do.

Grace & Peace~

Megan & Ryan Reed (see our blog too!) said...

I totally agree! At my age I do need to be regular and that was important to my dr. I plan to use the clomid for one or two months and stop if I don't get pregnant. I really don't think it's good to be on long term. There's alot inot all of this (much more than I posted) so it's not without prayer and research :)