Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mom's Sick But We Got Some Cool New Old Bunk Beds!

What a week! I got hit with the yuck bug otherwise known as a sinus infection. I always seem to struggle with allergies here in East TN, and have been with the season change for the last couple of months. (when I was 18 I had sinus surgery which helped for a couple of years) It all hit me Tues. and just worsened throughout the day to cap of the day with a migraine that induced, well you get the picture. Anyways, Ryan was in for it when he came home from work around midnight to a messy house and a woozy wife. Thankfully I got some antibiotics the next morning and the Lord is slowly healing me as everything is seeming to move south :P

Before all this happened we were in deep search for semi-nice used bunk beds for the boys as their crib/toddler beds were recalled. So I've been an ebayer awhile and thought maybe good ol' ebay would come to my rescue, but there were NONE in our area. Ryan kept trying to find one around Atlanta so we could find a really good excuse to visit family and Chalcedon, but nope, no good deals. Finally I decided to reluctantly turn to craigslist. After several days I was disappointed how much people were holding onto their stuff, and then wham. After looking every hour to see if new beds were added, one popped up. A nice family out in Kingston, TN practically gave them away (with mattresses)to us real cheap. And they are so nice! Boy are we blessed! The funny part is, the man told us later that when I got off the phone with him he thought that I responed quickly and was puzzled why it went within seconds of him posting it. Then as he waited for us to pick them up he got four more calls--I bet those people are disappointed! :( We ALL stayed up past midnight getting these beds put together. I also found these nice quilts on craigslist. The lady sold me 5 identical twin quilts for $45, another steal! I'm going to take one of the quilts and make shams, valance and possibly a couple of toy bags for the end of their beds.

It's a bitter sweet to not have any cribs in our house after ,more than fours years of having at least one up (but two cribs for over 2 years)! I would love to have a crib filled with a little baby, but it's just not been God's will for our family. I am so glad to see the boys growing from toddlers to kids, but also so sad to see them starting to leave toddlerhood :(


Smoky Mountain Christian Living said...

They are so sweet! Joseph looks like you and Thomas looks just like Ryan!

JenIG said...

I will be shocked if I am actually able to leave a comment... we'll see if it goes thru with my dumb old dial up.

HOOORAY for new bunkbeds! that is always fun.

And just so you know, Megan Reed is doing fine, but she won't stop climbing the screen. ha ha, silly cat. She's made good friends with the other kitties and they are all having a grand time together.

: ) love you!

JenIG said...

I did it! I did it! it went thru!!!