Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remembering and Celebrating Christian

I met a fellow blogger several months back. I found out about the Drews through one of the most difficult of circumstances. Late summer this family was stricken with the lose of their 3 year old son, Christian as he went to be with the Lord. In seeing videos and pictures he reminds me of both of my boys. He has the personality of Thomas and resembles Joseph. Christian's 4th Birthday is today and he has something, no one else on this earth gets on their birthday; he is celebrating his 4th birthday with Jesus. My what a birthday that must be. We all should be longing for heaven, in all its greatness. It's overwhelming to think of leaving this earth to be with Christ. I am filled with a mixture of emotions. On one side I don't want to leave those I love here on this earth and on the other hand I long to be in a sin-free, struggle-free place as heaven. It's also the fear of the unknowns. But with it all said, I know when that day comes I will have no grief, sadness, hurt, or sorrow because I will be complete in Christ. I will be in full knowledge and that brings me unending comfort. In celebration of Chirstian I vow today to hold my boys longer, enjoy the hard stuff, cherish the little things and hug them more. I long to be patient, long-suffering, gracious, merciful...I long to be Christ-like. Happy 4th Birthday Christian, a.k.a "Dozer". Please pray for the Drews that the Lord would see them through this day of tears, joy, love & laughter as they remember their littlest man :)

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Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for remembering him with me, Megan!

Much love,