Thursday, November 13, 2008

My BFF Is Expecting Baby #1

I'm so excited. For those of my readers (probably not that many of you) that don't know, I grew up half of my life in Jackson,TN, a sprawling little town in West TN. In middle school I met a wonderful young lady who quickly became my best friend. I admired her love for the Lord and learned a lot from her friendship. She's an only child and her grandparent's lived in my neighborhood, so she rode the bus home with me to my neighborhood everyday. I even got to go with her to a youth event at her church. At the end of my 7th grade year my family abruptly moved to Knoxville,TN. We kept in touch (she, better than I) as I would receive letters and even little presents from time to time. Slowly we lost touch. It had been since our freshman year since I had heard from her when her picture popped up in a search for her on Facebook. We reunited via the internet and it seems like we never lost touch. Crazy as it is, she married the same year as Ryan and I did. Sadly her father, whom she was very close to, past away just weeks before her wedding. All that said, she is probably one of my dearest friends and I just found out SHE'S EXPECTING!!!!! Yep, she and her hubby Gabe are expecting their first child, how wonderful. I am just so thrilled for them. As a mom of two I think back on when Ryan and I had Joseph and how new and wonderful it all was, just to be repeated with the joyous bith of Thomas. Congrats Alex and Gabe!!!

This is our 7th grade year pictures. Like my tapestry vest and big bangs, thanks mom!

This is one of our school dances. All the girls I hung around with. Weren't we fashionable. I think I wore my brothers shirt, weird!

In our Social Studies class working on our China Palace Contest Project (which we won!)

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