Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Lil' Singing Preacher Man

Joseph has ALWAYS sat through church. He never liked nursery at church and was so good and quiet that we enjoyed having him in church with us. We've had many people tell us that children won't get anything out of the service because they won't understand it. I tend to disagree and think the preaching has rubbed off a little too much onto Joseph. Periodically we will catch Joseph "preaching" or "singing" to either us, Thomas or a line of stuffed animals. It's always hard to get a picture or video in the moment, because as soon as he hears the camera turn on he gets shy. I managed to discreetly get him on film. He thinks it all up on his own. The plant stand he fashioned into a pulpit and he collected all the bibles, hymnals & christian books he could find. This is one of the more subdued moments as he usually gets pretty fired up or gets going on the guitar. Also notice his feet in the video as he is wearing my heels I had left at the door :) Oh boy, being a mom is sure entertaining!

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