Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update on Collections for John McDonald's Troop

We are thrilled by all the responses and donations we have received from family, friends & strangers. We have had one monetary donation of $25 and I was able to get some clearance outfits for the baby along with some nice body soap/lotion for Cindy. I also have been working on John's box and have it 3/4 of the way full with books, games, snacks, candy, & personal hygiene items. Ryan and I recently took care of the nursery at church and got all the little ones to color up some pages I made to send to the troop. All of that was right in the beginning and then it kind of trickled off, but we were pleasantly surprised and blessed to find some items in the collection box at church. I have had a few people promise monetary gifts and items that we are waiting for before we send the boxes out, the boxes are flat rate after all.

Here are the pictures of our progress:

Here is the progress on the box for Spc. John McDonald in Afghanistan

Here is the progress on the box for John's Wife and Baby in Texas

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