Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here's What Five Weeks Does to Growing Kittens

The kittens have reached the stage where they are oh so cute, and yet oh so much trouble!!! They are getting into EVERYTHING and praticing their dueling skills with anyone and anything. The picture above is our favorite time as they do absolutely nothing. That usually lasts all of 20-30 mins. or until Thomas locates their where-abouts and snatches them up, tormenting them. I figure the kittens will either be really tame or really mischevious due to all the boys put them through. I am actually amazed they have lived through these five weeks. We found out that one is a girl who is very uptight and nervous and the other is a boy who is laid back and carefree. We are getting so attached that it will actually be hard to let the girl go as we are giving her to the Igarashi's from church. But, she will have a great home/farm and I know she will be well loved by all those kiddies and goats ;)


JenIG said...

oh Megan, they are SOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!

i will totally understand if you want to keep them both, so don't feel bad if you change your mind!

Megan & Ryan Reed (see our blog too!) said...

Thank you, but it would much to hard to convince Ryan into keeping both of them, especially as they are are so mischevious at this age. I know I can always see pictures and come visit if I give her to you all!


Veggie Mom said...

These are flat-out beautiful little beasts! I'm a Cat Lady myself, while my SIL, Aunt Julie, prefers dogs. But I'll bet when she gets a gander at these two cuties, her heart will melt!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! When Mom said the kittens were cute she meant it! I miss having grey kitty's. I had 5 but three disappeared and I gave the other two to the Risers.

I knew when I passed you in Church I had something to tell you but then I had totally forgotten what it was. But now I have it... Dad said I should let you know that the toothpaste and toothbrushes in the Church library for the soldiers are from Dr. Self's dental office up here in Morristown given to me for free specifically for the soldiers. :-D

I also wanted to ask you today at Church if you still needed help painting your house(I think you mentioned that several weeks ago on Mom's blog)And I had ONE more question related to my last question, but I totally lost it. My brain is fried and I should go to bed. :-D
By His Grace,
-Ryann Igarashi