Friday, August 1, 2008

Urgent needs for our troops!

After posting my previous post I felt a desire to help these soldiers in anyway I could here in the states, especially after speaking to John’s mother, Teresa. John had the luxury of calling his wife, Cindy & daughter, Savannah this past Sunday and give updates. The situation out there is dyer. With no running water this means to restroom facilities. They have no way to wash their hands or bath for that matter. There are about 20 men total in his troop and they are finding shelter in a shack made of 2x4’s and a tin roof on the side of a mountain. The average temperature is 130 degrees. They have no electricity and no means to call/email home, except for every 2-3 mos. when the government provides them with a special military satellite phone. Currently they have not built their guard tower so his job in tales keeping watch while sitting in a hummer. He works three hours on three hours off, rotating shifts. When they first arrived to their location they thought they were under attack, but it ended up being off in the distance. They have not experienced any attacks since then. They have been told that he will have leave to come home in Nov. or Dec. but often times plans change. His total deployment time with be 12-15 mos.

Back home his wife and 3mo. Old daughter are keeping their spirits up, but weary at times. She has befriended to other military wives, whose husband are in the same troop. She decided not to come back to TN or GA to stay with family because she didn’t feel right to be here without John.

My reason in writing you this letter is to explain their circumstance and ask that if it is on your heart to do so, that you would help out with their many needs. The needs are varied and you can really give as much or as little as you please. Please do not feel obligated to do so, as we believe you should only participate in this act of giving if the Lord presses it upon you and so provides the means for you to do so. My desire is to pull enough items and financial resources together to possibly send enough for all 20 troop members. Also, I would like to put together an additional box of items for Cindy and baby Savannah (so as to not forget the sacrifice they are making too). Many items are specific due to information from the soldiers.

Beef Jerky (Slim Jims, etc. with no cheese)
Non perishables (no cans)
Twizzlers, Tootsie Rolls, Suckers, hard candy, Gum
Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Gatorade (the small dry pouches you add to water)
Instant coffee
Granola bars, cereal bars
Pretzels, Cheetos, Fritos, Chex Mix
Easy Mac, Ramen, Soup mixes
Cookie packs & cracker packs
Condiments, spices, sugar, dry creamer, lemon juice (in packets)

Hand Wipes (individually wrapped)
Hand Sanitizer
Chap Stick (squeeze tubes so it doesn’t melt)
Instant cold packs (that activate when squeezed)
Finger tip tooth brushes that are disposable
Mouth wash
Liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner in small bottles
Foot Powder
Razors (disposable)
Shaving soap or cream (no cans)
Travel toilet tissue
Kleenex pouches
Deodorant – unscented
Bug Spray
Shoe Insoles

Writing materials
Envelopes, paper, pens, mechanical pencils
One-time use cameras
Hand written letters, cards to boost their spirits
Crossword/puzzle books
Bibles (new or used in good condition, no writing in them)
Godly Books (small)
Tylenol, IB Profen packets/samples
Small toys (Frisbees, balls, hackey sacks
Playing cards, UNO, Yo-yo’s
Travel sized laundry detergent
Flash lights that are friction generated (not battery)

Cindy & baby:
Calling cards-to call family
Nice bath soaps, lotions
Small things that women like
Handwritten cards, letter to boost her spirits
One-time use cameras
Godly books
Small baby toys (3m. & up)
Baby items
Gift cards

*Since this is going out worldwide I ask that you make monetary donations if you do not live in the East TN area (email me at to see about sending the donation). If you do live in this are please contact me to let me know where to pick up the items from you (contact me before you make purchases to make sure you are not to far out to pick up the items). If you do not have the time to buy the items listed you may also give monetarily. Money will be used to buy these items and also for the postage. I have gotten free flat-rate shipping boxes from the USPS and it costs $10.95 per box to ship, no matter the weight, so I will be using every square inch of the boxes. I will be mailing them out to John and he will distribute them among the troop. I will send them out as soon as I have enough items and money to do so. I encourage the children to get involved and make little crafts to send the men. If you have any questions please contact me at church or home (865)657-9543 or . I appreciate in advance your considering what the Lord would have you and your families to do. May God be glorified as we meet the needs of these soldiers. Most importantly than giving is praying for these soldiers and their families through this time.

Thank You,


Veggie Mom said...

I totally want to get on board with this. My e-mail is a tad dysfunctional, today, though. I'll try you again tomorrow, OK? Thanks for doing this, thanks for caring, and thanks for helping others get involved! :)

Megan & Ryan Reed (see our blog too!) said...

Thank yyou so much. I am overwhelmed by the quick responses I am receiving and to especially get a response on my blog! The Lord is so faithful to his people and I pray that he blesses all those who give.

Thank you!


Veggie Mom said...

Megan: I put a link to you on my blog today. Hope it helps! God Bless You!!