Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Kitties are Here, Jen!

Yesterday evening "Lady" went into labor with her kitties. She insisted I stay and mid-wife the whole thing as she followed me anytime I left her. So for 3-4 hours straight she labored and birthed three cute grey kitties as I assisted. I know I must sound like some crazy animal lover who thinks cats are human, but really they pretty much do the same thing we human-women do. I have to give it to them for birthing multiples and some other gory stuff they have to do that I won't mention. She's been a good mommy cat and doesn't get to bothered when we handle them. At one point I was handling a kitted who started to scream and "Lady" gave me a genlte nip as to tell me, "I really don't mind you holding them, but I think I should take over now." Unfortunately the first one was still-born even after my attempts to revive it. I think she just labored to long with it as it was the largest of the three. Here are the pics.:

This was kitty #1 who didn't make it

This is kitty #2 who is the laid back of the two.

Joseph was excited at the chance to hold this wiggly kitty as Mommy-Cat birthed #3 (He was also hyped up from all the chocolate ice cream Daddy gave him)

Kitty #3(left)who is feisty and a little more slender. He gave me a scare as he struggled to breath at first. Good Mommy-Cat nurses one baby while cleaning up the other.

By the way there are plenty more yucky pictures if anyone is teaching biology! ;)


JenIG said...

yay! i'm a new cat owner again! here, have a cigar.

The Jillybean said...

Aren't baby kitties the cutest? I just love all baby animals. Of course then they grow up.


Oh my gosh - they're already so cute.

Veggie Mom said...

Ohhhhh...I love the photos and the story behind them! When our mama cat had kittens a while back, she chose to give birth in my husband's closet in the already full laundry basket. Isn't it neat the way your mama cat is so intuitive and knows just what to do?

Anonymous said...

How cool is this?! WOW!!!