Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Crazy 24+hrs. with Four Kiddies In Tow

(Quentin's hiding inside the yellow sleeping bag as Thomas pounces him)

My sister called about a week in advance and was desperate for someone to watch her kiddies, Quentin-7 & Cheyney-5. I gladly accepted and got out the pool for the first time this summer (I'm kinda lazy about outdoor stuff this year). It took me more than an hour to pull out the pool, blow it up, fill it with water and swim toys & catch my breath! It took the kids 20 mins. to have their fill and muck up the water with grass clippings, oh well! We also made fourth-of-july cookies and went to the local park. They are two good kids and were eager to help for the most part, as much as kids can be I think. Thomas was actually the most difficult to deal with as he learns how to share his toys. So please, we invite all to come over with your kiddies so Thomas can learn how to play with others. The great thing was that I caught myself telling Ryan, "This isn't so bad, I think we could handle four kids." So praise the Lord for showing us he will always give us everything we need to care for our children or future children. Above are the pics of our outdoor fun & the 2 hour long going to bed process(whew, they wore me out getting them to go to sleep):

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