Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dollywood Adventures!

We got in another visit to Dollywood this past week. With Ryan off all week it was a nice break from our cabin fever. The nice thing about season passes is, we can come in later and not kill ourselves trying to ride everything. We had a day full of veggies, heat, water, rides, heat & water. The veggitales were at the park and got to enjoy a live show in the AC of their theatre. Hopefully we can go back before Zaboomafoo leaves.

Joseph & Daddy pose by the Dollywood Express that we got to ride.

Thomas & Daddy pose too!

Here the train engineer is loading up the coal in the fire to prepare for the ride ahead. The last two times we rode we sat in the first car and since it's an open car, we ended up with coal dust all over us. It's also very loud up there.

There was a sandcastle making exhibit. There was actually a person there making this castle as we watched. And believe it or not this was 100% sand & water. Incredible!

Joseph finally got up enough guts to ride these cute little duckies after seeing Thomas go alone. Joseph, Joseph, Joseph...What are we going to do with you?!

Here are the boys at the Beaver Creek area of the park. It's a great place for little ones ( and Mommys ;) to cool of in the running water. Both boys managed to break the no running law and both left with bumps on their heads to prove it.

Here Ryan and Joseph rode together on the 50s style Rockin' Roadway. Ryan was sure glad he didn't get the pink, purple or aqua car.

Thomas drives Mommy around on the Rockin' Roadway. AAAAHHH!

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Veggie Mom said...

I've always loved Dolly Wood--great photos, too! It's so nice to have a place to go where you can all be together and have fun at the same time, isn't it? Please drop in soon--Aunt Julie needs help with a rehearsal dinner!