Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thomas' words

As the younger of the two, Thomas sure has a lot to say. In the past we listened to his mumbles and babbles all day long, but never really heard much in the way of vocabulary. However, times they are a changin'. He'll be babbling along and the funniest comments come out of him as if he understands how to deliver a really clever line. Like tonight at dinner when asked if he wanted a cucumber, he answered back in his little Thomas voice, "No...cause I don't like it." We kind of did a double take as that seemed to be a pretty long and complex sentence for such a little guy. Joseph is just now learning words that Thomas is picking up on as quickly as Joseph is. Thomas always has a look about him that he is just thinking of the next thing ahead. I am encouraged as his words grow that he is learning to use please and thank-you without being prompted. He always enjoys sharing kisses/hugs. He is right there to hold the door open and never does it grudgingly. I hope his older brother can learn a thing or two from Thomas about manners and thoughtfulness. Whereas, Thomas, we hope will learn from Joseph a thing or two about not destroying our house with all his wild ways. This just goes to show you that you can't choose whether boys are easier than girls, because really every child is so uniquely different. With an emphasis on unique.

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