Friday, May 9, 2008

Living with a giant in the making

I sometimes wonder about Joseph. 1) Will he ever slow down growing? 2) Does his body know he's only 3? Seriously, I think he's becoming a giant! LOL The hardest part about it all, is that he gets weird looks from people wondering why he acts like a 3 year old and looks like a 5 year old. And I have to admit, I forget that he's only 3 and expect way too much out of him. The boys are only 1 1/2 years apart and although they really look like 2 1/2 years apart I am starting to realize how really close in age they are. Joseph has regressed behaviorally and picks up on Thomas' 2 year old antics. And Thomas is easily encouraged to do ANYTHING his brother tells him to do. We've seen more than our fair share of permanent marker murals, toys in the tub/toilet, food smashed in the carpet, and toys spread through the house like confetti. For those who happen to stumble upon this please pray for me and Ryan, but especially me as the child rearer. I struggle with anger, impatience, discontentment, pride, you name it. I really need the Lord's help as I raise up not only the "giant in the making" but the child lovingly compared to "Animal" from the Muppet's.

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