Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Enjoying the Lord's Day

We were just leaving church this past Sunday and knowing we were between pay periods and we had already over spent our budget, we decided a picnic was a great plan. We came home and changed out of our Sunday best and loaded up the food and drinks. One of our favorite parks is in Farragut, TN kind of tucked into the little town, although people seem to find it okay when the weather is as beautiful as it was Sunday. The boys quickly bee-lined for the playground as we hurried to remind them that they had to replenish their energy filled bodies. We found a quant little spot and enjoyed our meal just after we thanked the Lord for his abundant faithfullness. As we were eating we spotted some geese at the bank of the lake and noticed further, 4 geeslings fuzzy and small. Thomas and I went over for a peek and to share our bread. Well, momma goose and daddy goose didn't care for us or our food as they proceeded to "hiss" at us. Yes, they were geese not cats (I'm pretty sure I know the difference). So we left them behind and went on to the playground and had a great time playing. Here are the pictures:

Protective mommy goose. Her babies we just down the bank, playing in the water.

Joseph, Come on dowwwwn!

Thomas can't let his big brother outdo him!

Although Thomas is our busybee, he always seems to have time to pause for a photo op. That's why we always get more pictures of him than Joseph, not to mention he takes the cutest pictures!

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Gina said...

What a great way to celebrate the day the Lord has made!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering my contest!
Be Blessed!