Monday, April 28, 2008


We had Ryan's annual plant picnic at Dollywood again this year and had so much fun. Unfortunately the real train was closed this time and some of the kiddie water area were closed too. But, we still found plently of things to do and see. Here's our pics.:

Thomas took Daddy on the "Amazing Flying Elephants" and showed him how to push the button and make it go up and down. Joseph watched from the sidelines and was happy to NOT go on the elephants. He still is telling us he doesn't want to go on the scarey elephants.

The boys played on a big playground near a wooden roller coaster, which scared us out of our skin everytime it barreled by.

We played at the splash pad and enjoyed watching the boys' surprise when the water came up from the ground and sprayed them. Thomas just got sprayed in the face to his surprise!

Joseph's trying to see if he can make the water stop. It took him awhile to warm up to the water but once he did he had all kinds of fun running with the bigger kids.

Daddy pestered the boys a little.

The Dollywood Carousel

Thomas' first ride on a carousel and to no surprise, he loved it. Joseph was holding on for dear life.