Monday, October 19, 2009

A Lovely Evening Together

Well, I might have not been completely accurate in the title. Let's just call it sarcasm :) Ever since moving into our humble home we have had issues with the toilet's plumbing. Problems:

1. Teeny Tiny Toilet that NO adult can sit on comfortably.
2. The toilet is at least 2" away from the wall.
3. Cast Iron Pipes
4. Improper flange...yes I know all about this stuff now!
5. Nearly no wax ring

...thanks to the horrible contractor the owner hired to flip the home.

So with that said...a year or so after moving in we started discovering these issues when we noticed water under the flooring. We patched the problem and really hoped that would be the end of it. Now 3 years later we still have not put tile down on the hardy backer and we started to notice the toilet ran non-stop. Then we discovered the dreaded black mold on top of all our previous work. Sat. Ryan and I went out and found a toilet and Sun. I managed to talk Ryan into installing the new toilet. We quickly got into more than we EVER expected. The bolts were rusted out and once we finally got them loose, I realized we got the wrong toilet. I then found out we had only an hour to get to Home Depot two towns away. Once we got home we ate and got the boys to bed and began scraping up two layers of sub floor. NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!!! EWWWWWWWWWW!!! So gross! We worked until 1am on just the floor. We still do not have a toilet installed and oh's a one bath house! Please don't ask about specifics on that!!! I have never been so excited to get a new toilet! Praise God for indoor plumbing!!!

At least we got time together, though we both were sick to our stomachs the whole time :(

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