Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Growing, Growing....

This would be Joseph's growth chart. At five years old he measures for a 7-8 year old boy. Yep, of course I shouldn't be surprised, cause he has been at 75%-100+% ever since he was 3 mos. old. It is just amazing to see it on paper and our Dr. is in awe of it every time! With cousins of mine that measure 6'4" and above it is obviously hereditary. I have actually had people tell me he was tall from all that formula I had to supplement with, just to keep up. Yep people are cruel! If that be the case then I beg the question, why is Thomas on the average size? They both had formula!

Anywho...just thought I'd share. Before long he will have us eaten out of the house and be towering over me. Please don't let it go so fast!

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