Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drum Roll Please....*dddddddd*.....


Ryan got the call at the end of last week to ask him to come back to JTEKT. He went in for drug testing Monday and has a training day this Thursday (30th). They called him yesterday to see if he wanted to start early, but he is still working out his notice with Broadview. We are so excited and thankful.

At the end of last week I also started noticing an itchy rash showing up on my arms, face and around my eye. Friday I went to the Dr. as my eye was swelling and found out it was poison ivy that I came in contact with Monday while dong some yard work. THey gave me a steroid shot and some meds and the next morning my eye had swelled completely shut! The Dr. advised me to go to the ER where they gave me another steroid shot and a stronger oral steroid to take for twice as long. My eye is much better (nearly 100%), but my arms are killing me with constant itching!!! Thankfully I am on the mend though! We found out through this, how much we are thankful to go back onto JTEKT's insurance as the ER trip would have been $50 cheaper on their insurance.

Well although I would love to be announcing a new addition to our family, at the moment we are not expecting. Our great news? Ryan received a call this AM from JTEKT (his old, much better paying and better insured job) and they have picked up business again. They have called back the groups laidoff right after him (who have higher seniority) and Ryan's group would be next, PLUS, Ryan is at the top of the group, so he will definitely be the next called back and I quote, "before the end of the year."! When Ryan told me I questioned if he was just pulling my leg again as we tend to play little jokes on one another, but he assured me it was not a joke and then I broke into tears. Seriously, tears! So pretty much any day now we could get that call. Ryan hasn't really felt in place a Broadview (formerly BRINKS) and I asked him if he will be sad to leave and he excitedly said, "NO!" Though I think his body will remind him that he has been sitting at a desk for several months when he does return to JTEKT. :) To give everyone an idea of the difference this will make in our pockets, his checks from BRINKS are 1/2 of what they were from JTEKT. We have been thankful to have the job at Broadview as it has sustained us, but we have struggled to make ends meet. We are praising God for all he has done and is doing and the many things we have learned about ourselves in the last few months and years.


Rochele said...

That's great! I wondered about that, cause John has been working OT for about 2 months now and the forecast looks great! Praise the Lord for He is good! PS are you on facebook?

Anonymous said...

Praising the Lord with you. God is soooooooo good. He is faithful and His mercies edure forever.



Megan and Ryan Reed said...

Thank you Rochele and Evah. The Lord is good and has been good to us even through these past few months of hardship.