Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pray for Ryan

Just a quick update on Ryan's job search. He has an interview, as I type, with US Cellular in Knoxville. This would be a great job opportunity for him. It is close to where we would like to move back to. The benefits start day one and from what we hear from other employees, the coverage is great. They also cover tuition 100%. The way he got this interview was nothing less than providential. The job would be a great fit for Ryan as it is in their customer service call center. Please pray for our hearts to be searching the Lord's will. We hope this is where the Lord would have us and hope he will make a good impression on Brandy the interviewer. Thanks, got to go, I am finally getting some of my cleaning done.

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The Eldridge Family said...

Great news, I prayed for ya'll this morning! May God grant your request:)

Grace and Peace