Monday, January 26, 2009


It was a normal Sunday of rushing around and getting everyone ready. Boys were clean, clothed and shooed (similar to shoeing a horse). Ryan was dressed and just about done making the perfect cup of coffee and snatching up a breakfast bar from the pantry. I am in our bedroom finishing up getting ready. Just as I was doing one of the easiest of my tasks, it happened! I had one heel on and as I hovered over the other one, like a flamingo, my shooed foot gave out and I came down with one solid bang followed by screams and dying cow noises. I had nearly knocked the breath out of myself and my back felt like it was compressed 5 inches shorter. The worst though was the throbbing pain from my left ankle. I thought for sure I broke something. My great husband rushed in as soon as he could but not as soon as he would have liked. All I could do is scream and yell and moan...OOOOOWWWWW....OOOOHHHHH.....OOOOOWWWWW! It was the most horrible pain I have ever felt and out of my dozen or so ankle giveouts, this was by far the worst! I laid there until my back pain subsided to make sure nothing broke and then I hobbled up to the bed to tend to my ankle. The pain stabilized somewhat through the day, but we decided to get it checked out early this morning. NO BREAKS!!! Praise God!!! Just a horribly bad sprain and if I keep it up I will more than likely face physical therapy. My ankles are like toothpicks in comparison to my upper body, so they just giveout at any given time, I MEAN, ANY GIVEN TIME!!! We unfortunately missed church again, but worshipped in Mommy and Daddy's bed :) The brace the Dr. suggested has helped greatly and almost makes my ankle feel normal. He reminded me however, that it takes a sprain 6 weeks to heel no matter how good it starts to feel.

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Charley & Jessica said...

ooh no! I'm so sorry! I hope your ankle gets better SOON!

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :)

Love Jess