Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally posting about Christmas!

I was going through the pictures on my computer and trying to figure out what I can and can't delete and why all my pictures dates are so off. I guess my camera went insane with the new year and decided it was again 2007...huh? Anywho, I ran across some great pics of Ryan's family and mine who I rarely have pictures of and thought I'd share in our crazy weekend end that started off will illnesses and ended that way too!

Christmas Eve with the Hixson's (Megan's Family)

At first glance, one's impression of this picture is that we were playing cherades and mom was up, but nope...she's just enthusiatically talking with her hands!

My brother's daughter, Riley checks out what Joseph got.

Mom and Dad opening the gift that their three children pulled off. We got together all 8 grandchildren and had their picture made and framed it for our parents. I did not expect my mom to cry, but then again it's mom.

Christmas Morning at our house!

This was our first year of doing stockings. We don't celebrate Santa, but liked the concept of getting little nick-naks and candy. In years past I used gift bags and cans, but we decided that stockings would be just fine for us. I found some great ones from Pottery barn on Ebay and got iron-on embroidered name tags.
They were a hit! I should tell you though, that the name tags didn't come till after Christmas so for the mean time we were Quinn, Kathy and some other name :)

We got the boys a nice easel that I found on craigslist really cheap. The picture wouldn't stay turned for me so please don't hurt your necks :) The boys really like it and it is saving my walls. Now I have to get these walls painted, hopefully come tax return season.

Ryan liked his new P.J. pants, but felt a large was too big so exchanged them for a medium only to find out he needed the large for length.

The boys received an overly generous amount of gift money from grandparents and great-grandparents and they got a jungle among many other things.

Ryan was thrilled with his Tractor Supply water bottle and enjoyed it for a few weeks until it fell and cracked :(

Joseph enjoying searching through his stocking of goodies!

Done with the craziness I start the clean-up to prepare for my parent's coming over in a couple of hours. See the names on the stockings...hehehehe!

And the boys enjoy all their new toys!

Mom and Dad arrived and so did more presents! Wow, are we spoiled! A suprise for me was a neat Hawkeye memorabilia book that my parents gave me. This book was newly released and was written by my aunt's long time boyfriend, Mike, who had asked my Dad for feedback and input throughout he whole book. He even mentioned my Dad in the book as part of the History of Iowa Football. NEAT!

More fun with Mamu and Papu, they are affectionately called.

The Day After Christmas with the Reed's!

We finally got to meet the new addition to the family. Savannah, Ryan's great-niece! Yes we are officially great aunt and uncle :) Ryan's nephew is serving in Afghanistan, and Cindy decided to make the long trip from TX to GA for Christmas. We enjoyed seeing them and holding Savannah for the first time.

Dad and five kiddos that range in age from 19 to 42! Wowzer! From Left to Right and in order of age: John, Kerry, Ryan, Stephanie & Jennifer

Those crazy Reed girls can't hold still for one picture!

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