Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still Hope

Since yesterdays news from my dr., it got me thinking of a lot of questions. What if my progesterone is low, but I am still pregnant? What if my progesterone levels were tested too early? And so many more. So I got to googling. Coem to find out there are many women who have gotten the near same results and wound up pregnant, much to the astonishment of their dr.s. So we still have hope that maybe, just maybe we might have conceived and the dates are just a little off. I guess we will see. I have already had early pregnancy signs, but not sure if it;s all just mental. I will be keeping a relaxed eye on everything and try to be patient and see what next week brings. I will be able to test then. It's all in God and only he knows truly what my body is doing or not doing for that matter :)

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The Eldridge Family said...

Just a side note, John's mom was not supposed to be able to get pregnant with him and it took 9 years and voila here he is in God's time not John's parents time. Be patient and like Hannah who asked for Samuel pray fervently that God would allow it for His Glory!! I'll be praying with you Mrs. Megan:)
Grace & Peace