Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Uncle Brandon's Cool 35th Birthday Party!

My brother, Brandon, turned 35 at the end of May and we celebrated over at his house with his wife & kids. Also joining us at the party: Tiffany & her children, my parents & my sister-in-law's sister, Nicole & husband Maurice (sp?). We had a great time and it was actually more geared towards the kiddies than the adults. The kids, ranging from age 2mos.-9 years, thoroughly enjoyed the badminton, slip-n-slide, & kiddie pool. The adults, well we just tried to keep cool with the 98 degree storm infused humid weather.

Cheyney(5) splashes around with Joseph & Thomas

Quentin (7) & Ethan (9) play two on one with Uncle Ryan (not shown)

Joseph is a little confused on what he's suppose to do with the slip-n-slide

Thomas kept laying down on the slip-n-slide and asking the bigger kids to push him. Jonah & Cheyney give him a helping hand.

Riley takes on the slip-n-slide with grace.
Our fun quickly ended as Danielle, Tiffany and I had just finished asking on another, "When do you think we should round up the kids and go in?" Just as the sentenced ended a loud crack and lightening appeared, followed by three squawking mothers exclaiming, "Time to go in kids!" Next up, Jonah's birthday party in July. See you guys soon.

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