Monday, June 16, 2008

A Daughter's Gift on Father's Day

This Father's Day, I received the best gift. This Sunday I invited my Dad & Mom to church with us and they were glad to come. I was so excited and Joseph really thought that was neat to sit between them through the service. I enjoyed introducing them to our Pastor and friends. The last times they came was for our wedding and soon after at my baptismal when Ray Rhodes preached. I was really shocked to hear the really enjoyed the music of our music team, as they grew up with choirs. In fact, my mom sang in chorus in high school and grew up singing in the choir with her sister and father. So she has a lot of neat memories doing that. After church they took us to Ruby Tuesday's to experience their weight loss secret: The Ruby's Garden Bar. Between them both they have lost 80 lbs. That's more than Joseph & Thomas combined. I, however, have lost a measly 9lbs. We really had a great time.

Previously on Saturday, we did Father's Day for Ryan. I made him a fold out of pictures of him and the boys, as well as a poem:

Thank you Daddy,
For cuddling me with your big strong hands,
And loving me from day one.
Thank you Daddy,
For teaching me right from wrong,
Even though it hurts my bum.
Thank you Daddy,
For working so hard at work and school,
And taking time to build me trike for my fun.
Thank you Daddy,
For your will to jump on an animals back,
And showing me that petting a goat is fun.
Thank you Daddy,
For playing on the playgrounds,
Even though your thirty-one.
Thank you Daddy,
For taking us to the surf and sand,
Even when you wanted to learn a ton.
Thank you Daddy,
For teaching us about the Lord,
In hopes we'll know Jesus, God's own Son.
Daddy opens his new lounge pants. Thomas opens up Daddy's new belt.

Daddy opens up his new Starbuck's coffee mug that he thought he was getting and then lost hope that he was, when I wrapped it in something different. That's why there is such a big grin.

Daddy reading his Father's Day poem and looking at all the pics. of him and the boys.

Joseph giving Daddy his Father's Day kiss.
Thomas giving Daddy his Father's Day kiss.

Daddy took Joseph for a spin on the Wharf St. runway.

This went on and on until Daddy crashed on the couch with exhaustion, much to Joseph's disappointment.
Joseph's version of dress-up.
He gets Daddy in on the fun too.

I also made one for my Dad, who is known by our kids as Papu:
Some may ask,
What is a Papu?
Well I have a Papu,
He's well past fifty-two.
My Papu is as big as a bear,
that's why he's affectionately known as Pooh.
My Papu loves the beach,
But be careful he needs not too much sun.
My Papu like to cut would,
His projects always weigh a ton.
My Papu loves to take pictures,
Of me and of you.
So if you see a Papu,
Take a picture or two.
I love my Papu,
And he loves me too.


JenIG said...

that is so sweet! and i think Geoff the Great has those exact same jammy pants

Megan & Ryan Reed (see our blog too!) said...

hahaha! That's funny, they can call each other and wear them at the same time! We try to be fair with how much we're allowed to spend on each other and when he saw how many things he got he thought I had spent more than he did for Mother's Day, but me and the clearance rack are best friends! :)