Monday, June 2, 2008

Florida Fun!

Well, we made it back home from the beach in one piece. We had such a great time that it was hard to leave and after being back to the "real world" for a couple of days we deeply miss it. We went to Panama City Beach, FL with my parents, my Aunt Shirley, twin cousins (Ashley & Alyssa), Shirley's boyfriend (Mike) & Iowa friends (Bob & Sherri). We all (except for Ryan & Thomas) rented a pontoon boat in the bay for 1/2 a day & cruised around shell island. We spotted several dolphins, fish, crabs, cranes, & pelicans. There was a neat little area to pull into that was secluded and the water was only 2-3 feet deep. Since there were no restrooms we used God's natural restroom, the ocean. Of course Joseph thought it was pretty funny. However, I should have told him that we only do that in certain situations. Later we went to the side of the island that tour boats drop people off to hunt for shells and as we are all searching for any shells that weren't broken, I turn around to find my son, with pants down to his ankles, as he pees in the sand. I was pretty red & not in the sunburned way.

Thomas repeatedly threw himself in the pools at the condo (even when there was no one there to catch him). We had one successful rescue attempt when he literally fell in and began to swim and then sunk (My mom felt so bad as she was suppose to be watching him). All is well that ends well and by the end of the trip Thomas learned to hold his breath under water and swim about a foot. Joseph's fear of the water seems to grow stronger every year. I really don't think he ever got his hair wet, although he really enjoyed the sand.

Wed. night the boys stayed overnight with my parents and Ryan and I got to go out for a well needed night alone. We ate out at "The Back Porch" & enjoyed Mahi Mahi sandwiches. Then headed back and walked on the beach for a short time and then put our feet in the hot tub. We really wanted to get in but Ryan developed his usual rash early in the week. I think the sun and him don't get along. It was so nice to just have a calm night and remember that we are married. Sometimes we seem to forget that as we are tending to the boys every need.

Lastly, Friday night, as we are getting together with everyone for one last hurrah before leaving, Thomas does a face plant into the tile floor and had a gusher of a cut on his bottom lip. Thankfully no ER visit came of that one.

We're already working on Daddy to go back next year. He's been great to take us the last three years. Maybe we can push out one more trip to the beach next year. My love for the beach is getting so bad that on the way home we threw around the idea of moving there.

The boys improvise seats as they watch the cartoons that we don't get back home.

Every day was a struggle to get through lunch and many days the boys never made it to the table as you can see here.

Dad as the skipper of our grand voyage, it was a four hour tour and we made it back!

Joseph enjoys his first ever boat trip.

Bob & Sherri share a laugh on the boat excursion.

Ashley & Alyssa take a break from texting to take a quick picture. Cute girls.

This is the only time Joseph would play with his floatie, since we weren't in the water.

Our camp site down in front of the condo. I am sure all the other vacationers were glad to see our circus tent go at the end of the week.

Daddy & Thomas

Joseph & Thomas

Mommy & Thomas

Mommy & Joseph

Thomas shows off his battle scars from his face plant.


Gina said...

I hear you about wanting to move to the beach! I could never convince my hubby though. He likes the mountains. I told North Carolina would be good cause then we could have the mountains and a lake on one side with the beach on the other!
Seeing your beautiful photos make me realize how badly I need a vacation!

Megan & Ryan Reed (see our blog too!) said...

My husband isn't as in love with the beach as I am. Besides that, it's so expensive to live down there. I particularly like the Gulf side of FL. The beaches are beautiful. But, we do live in a great area here. Biggest downfall are the allergies!!! As soon as we came home I felt horrible.