Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yep it's me...posting on my blog between all the busy-ness. What have we been up to? Well My mom had a hard first night in the hospital, but made rapid improvement the next day, to the point that she got to go home that day ( a day early! ). She has done well and has been working hard to get her iron levels back up to normal. I think she is getting bored though. She has the will and energy to do things, but pays for it the next day.

I have also spent time installing curtains all around the house. Finally after 4 years! I have also gotten all our cats/kittens (5) spayed and neutered so we are officially over that fun.

Also, I do ask for prayers for my sister as the Dr.'s have found pre-cancerous cells on her cervix. She will soon have a procedure done that will scrape off layers until they get it all. Pray that it will work and they can, in fact, get it all. Pray for strength for her in this time, that she can find hope in Christ through this trial.

Ryan and I have started going through a little book called The Visionary Marriage. We have read completely through it once and (as the book instructs) are going to go back through the five points in detail. Let me go ahead and say, it was an eye opener! I recommend this book to all married and soon-to-be married couples. It's just a great book to go over the details that get missed after awhile. And if you want it, I know the author! In fact, he married us!!!

As far as my adenomyosis goes, I have been taking a xenoestrogen detox and have noticed some difference on it. The real test will be when I start using the Progesterone. In a few more weeks I can do that.

And because no post is exciting without pictures, I am including the shots I got of the boys at the splash pad and at home depot.

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