Friday, July 17, 2009

The 4th Parade

Finally we were up early enough to make it to a parade before it started! In parades past we don't realize there is a parade until we hear the sirens of the police cars and firetruck as they run down the street that runs behind our house. We made it out there this year, bed heads and all and got lots of yummy candy!

Yay, Mom got us dressed in like 2 mins and threw us in this wagon so we can go to the parade! Like our bed-heads?

Killing time and up to something?

Here Mommy, for you!

Me too!

Such a sweet bouquet

Joseph discovered this year that if you wave they see you and in turn they throw you candy.

Thomas will pick up on that later :)

My favorite part is always the dozens of horses that trot on through. And I particularly think this covered wagon is rather neat!

The fruits of Joseph's labor and Thomas' taking advantage of Joseph's labor ;)

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