Monday, May 11, 2009

A Mom's Week

We had a busy weekend. Friday just happened to be my grocery day and we tried to fit in as much as we could into my day with the van. We decided it is time to give two of the kittens to some friends of ours, as they are now into EVERYTHING! So I loaded them up on our way to drop off Ryan. We stopped on by our friends, Gabe and Brandy for what was suppose to be a quick lunch and donating the kitties to them. Well you now how it goes when you have good friends, a shot time turns into several hours of fellowshipping and eating good homemade food. And when I say homemade I mean they even raise their own eggs and grind their own wheat! After leaving there I got a portion of my shopping done and then it was already time to pick up Ryan from work. While in Knoxville, we decided to stop by and get my craigslist mother's day gift that Ryan and the boys wanted to get me. I got a huge creative memories tote bag FULL of albums, cutters, papers, pens and more from a lady who didn't want them anymore. I talked her down to $50 from $100 which in my opinion is a steal for everything I got. Not to mention there were a few items I will sell on EBay and possibly make back the full price! Ryan laughed when I told him that and said, "you are definitely not like the normal woman who would request jewelry and such."

As for Saturday, Ryan's Co. Picnic was at Dollywood and I managed to talk him in to getting season passes at a huge discount since our tickets were free and then we just pay the remainder to upgrade them. He's so great to put up with me! I am excited to get to go more since we will not have any type of vacation this year. I forgot to take my camera, so sorry no pics of our fun there. But, I am so proud of Joseph who rode the carousel, flying bees, pigs and ducks! He is getting much more brave. The highlight as usual was the ride on the read coal train through the smokies. I promise it is a real, full size train! Rider beware though. You get a light sprinkling of coal dust all over you.

Sunday we enjoyed the day over at Mom and Dad's after we got out of church. Just a relaxing, non-rainy day.

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Megan and Ryan Reed said...

To the person who left the anonymous message. I decided not to post your message. Not because I am ashamed of anything I did, but because I do not want such ugly attitudes displayed on my blog. First off the story I gave of my craigslist purchase was very vague. The women I bought the items from was just pleased to get rid of them as she is out of state and her belongings are in storage at a family members house. She was very pleased with the amount I paid. She thought she made a fair amount and I felt I got a "steal" (which I say figuratively). Almost every item is used and the items I am selling are items I already have or can't use (which is mabe 2-4 items). Will I make back the entire amount? I don't know, you never know with EBAY. I know everyone involved was satisfied and in that I am content in the Lord. I know that I didn't do anything displeasing to the Lord. I am not sure why you show such hostility towards my blog post, but I am thankful that there is a God in control of everything and allowed me this opportunity to defend what is right.