Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well I finally had my annual checkup, which I have been waiting for since the beginning of the year to talk with my Dr. about my ongoings and all the recent developments. I found out that everything looks...well...normal! However, my Dr. diagnosed me with Adenomyosis (still having trouble spelling that out). It's basically endometreosis of the uterus. Cure? He told me a hysterectomy. Should it cause my infertility? He says no.

So I decided to research the condition myself and found this out:

1. It does cause infertility
2. There is a form of natural treatment

This is wonderful news. In reading the research on it, it all started to make sense. All these symptoms I have had that we thought weren't related, in fact are! Symptoms of adenomyosis are:

1. Infertility
2. High estrogen
2. Low Progesterone which inhibits ovulation
3. thyroid symptoms like: hair loss, weight gain, difficulty loosing weight, lack of energy (even though the thyroid tests normal!)
4. PAINFUL Cramps all the time
5. Pelvic Discomfort
6. Breast Tenderness
7. LONG menses
8. irregular menses

Many of these symptoms kept making me think I was pregnant every month.

Basically what happens is I develop high amounts of estrogen from xenoestrogens ("foreign" estrogen) in my environment. This causes the progesterone to go down and inhibits the body from ovulating. So no matter how hard we baby :( This also messes with the other hormones and chemicals in the body. Because of all these things my endometrium tissue cells have embedded into the muscle of the uterus and causes severe pain during menses and even throughout the month. I hoping to be able to detox my body of all the excess estrogen and then start using a NATURAL progesterone to get everything where it should be. It is hard to believe that I found all this out in a matter of minutes and my Dr. told me the only treatment was a hysterectomy. Stay tuned to see how it all goes :)


Charley & Jess said...

I will keep you in my prayers... Thanks for letting us know what's going on so we can be lifting you and this whole situation up to the Lord!

And thanks for the great comment/tips on my blog. *Totally* helpful! :) I'm feeling a little more peace about the whole process at this point. :)

love jess

Together We Save said...

Good luck. You are in our prayers.

Heidi said...

praying for you as you treat this. What is it with doctors who try to act like they know everything but don't even do the research? Unfortunately, I've run into this all too often!

p.s. I love your blog theme. Did you make it yourself?
- Heidi

Megan and Ryan Reed said...

Thanks Heidi! It is from you just go there and search for the one you like (mine was free and it helps you through the process) and find a template on blogger that works well with it. Unfortuantely I am not that talented, but thankful that others are :)


Megan and Ryan Reed said...

Thank you everyone for your prayers. A dear friend of mine has been such an encouragement to me right now and as we have been talking, she has noticed she has similar symptoms. We both agree that we are just so pumped to find something that we CAN do! God is so great to give us everything we need on this earth He created.