Monday, April 20, 2009

Hittin' Pins

My oldest nephew, Ethan, turned the big 10 over the weekend and we joined the festivities at Family Bowl in Knoxville. I did learn several things through the fun.

1. ALWAYS bring a pair of socks for everyone when going to the bowling alley. We were wearing sandals and I had brought socks for the boys, but not myself, ewww!

2. Wii bowling is a poor representation of my skills. Wii bowling I am nearly a pro, real bowling I stink and hate to say it, but I love the gutter guards :)

3. My boys who act crazy at home and dance 24/7 (it seems) will not dance in public and instead stand there starring at the other children acting crazy.

4. You should always take one parent per child. I fore-went this rule and paid the stressful price and caught Joseph dancing all the way down in front of everyones lanes and Thomas was awefully interested in the bowling balls in the return caddy.

5. Kids will play for hours with glow sticks, so there is no need to spend the money on them to bowl.

6. Never pick your own bowling ball and always steal someone elses.

7. Don't expect to get good pictures in a dark bowling alley with strobe lights and disco balls.

8. I stink at real bowling, did I say that already? If so, I need to make that clear.

9. People (like my brother and sister-in-law) who hold babies while bowling should be considered cheaters, because the baby acts as a counterweight and they do much better.

10. Cut your nails very short before you bowl to prevent your nail from being ripped off your finger, believe me, trim those nails!

11. Help your children, under five, roll the ball hard enough to avoid the ball getting stuck nearly half a dozen times.

Here's the picture of our fun at the bowling alley. I really did have a great time and love doing these new things with the boys.

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Rochele said...

You are too funny:)