Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kremey and Krispy...Yum Yum!

We took our boys to Krispy Kreme (one of our favorite past time hang outs) and got to enjoy our donuts while watching more being made. Of course Daddy finishes his first and begins begging for bites of everyone elses donuts. Second best thing to the donuts were the nifty little hats the boys got.

The ultimate guy spot!

Joseph chose the first donut he saw, lemon creme filled.

Thomas chose sprinkles after Mommy and Daddy talked him out of anything filled. His name is To-mess after all :)

Joseph checking out the process and hoping he can hand pick one coming off the line.

This is the after-affects of all that yummy Krispy Kreme:

So would you hire this man?...I'm pretty sure he will work for donuts :)


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Awww... your men are so handsome! I'm totally cracking up at To-mess!!! Too funny.

We don't have a Krispy Kreme on our side of town. It's probably a good thing though- the last thing I need is to drive past hot, fresh donuts on a daily basis!

Megan and Ryan Reed said...

Thankfully our Krispy Kreme is 30 mins away so we have to limit our trips there. With a 160# husband we would be there everyday if we were close :)