Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Gift from a Daughter and a Father to a Mother and a Daughter

My mom's father past away about a month before our wedding. He suffered a stroke and died just over a week later. I was given many of his old clothes for any crafts or projects. As he was an Iowa Hawkeye fan, he had many Iowa sweatshirts. My parent's are still Iowa fans even after 25 years of living in TN. I have wanted for several years to make a quilt with all those sweatshirts and finally got the nerve up to give it a try. It is far from perfect and just maybe the last quilt I EVER make. I found some really cute Iowa argyle fleece for the backing. After many months of work I finished just days before christmas. The tag read: To a Mother and a Daughter, From a Daughter and a Father. Even though she had no clue of my project, she was in tears before she even opened it. She was very confused by the tag and kept thinking she was reading it wrong without her glasses on. Here is the outcome:

This was special to make this for my mom. Grandpa's smell was still in the sweatshirts and it was neat to remember him as I made it. There are still coffee stains and collar stains from his oily skin. I am so glad to give something to my mom that brings good memories of her father after having bad memories of watching him in the hospital.

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The Eldridge Family said...

That is so neat. I love sentimental gifts, you are so thoughtful. I'm sure your momma will always treasure it.

Grace & Peace