Friday, December 5, 2008

A Wonderful Anniversary!

Five years ago tomorrow, which again falls on the SEC Championship, I married the love of my life. It has taken me five years to be able to admittably say that. We had a lot of struggles those first 5 years but it finally seems that we know enough about each other to get along. In all actuality we learned more about ourselves and our own sin than the other persons. In our first two months of marriage Ryan got laid off, I found out we were expecting, I got in a accident which totaled our good car, we were left with a car with no AC and 300,000 miles on it, and I got fir..I mean laid off :) . Whew! It was a rough ride and yet I am so thankful that the Lord put us through such trials. We never got that honeymoon period where everything was lollipops and roses. Nope we had all our cards laid out on the table from the beginning and boy did we have some ugly hands of cards. Our marriage has been tested in ways I never knew of before. With all that said, I am so excited that we have made it these five years. I look forward to the next five and whatever it brings (hopefully more little ones :) Happy 5th Anniversary Honey!

I don't often like pictures of myself, but this one is wonderful of Ryan and I :)

Proof--Our Invite

Okay, to explain the weird hand thing, I went to go hold Ryan's hand and he missed my hand and barely held the tippy top of my fingers and the picture was shot :|

This is from our honeymoon to the arctic zone in Destin, FL. Seriously we should have brought some Fur Parkas and the sand mights as well been snow.

This is the summer after we got engaged and Ryan said "hey, you wanna got to the beach tomorrow", and I said "WHAT!?", and he said "ya, my aunt and uncle live in NC and the coast is only a couple of hours from there, we'll go for the day and come back the next day". That was the longest trip for an hour of fun on the beach.


Smoky Mountain Christian Living said...

You all are too cute!! Tell Ryan that I love the pinky hold it makes him look sooo manly:) Now seriously and before you get into trouble for putting that picture on there congrats!!!

Megan & Ryan Reed (see our blog too!) said...

He thinks he looks kinda goofy too, so I'm not in trouble :) I think it looks like he's a germ-a-phobe, which he really is. Boy was he in for it when he married me!

The Eldridge Family said...

Hey Megan I have a totally unrelated did you get Megan's Reciepe to come up on your blog?? What did you use, I can't find anything that will let me do that. Thanks for your help.