Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Views on the Economic Crisis

I am sure we are not the only couple who frequently discuss these economic hardships. It is a near daily accurrance because it affects everything we do. Every two weeks we get Ryan's paycheck and are reminded of the problems our leaders have got us in. When we mail postage at the post office we are amazed. When we get that dreaded utility bill in the winter, we are frustrated. When we buy ANYTHING, we are down right angry! It might seem small that Ryan's work has asked them to take off 8 unpaid days to benefit the company, but that is compounded with the fact that there is NO overtime available. The plant has nearly cut out a whole shift, which nearly affected Ryan. I am sick of everyone blaming it on the mortgage loans. Sure there were way to many loans given to people that could not afford them. But, we neglect to realize that anyone who got a lone 3-4 years ago or more was to expecting the outrageous gas prices. Ryan and I are now regreting buying a house with gas heat. Thankfully everything else is electric. These gas prices have doubled. Therefore our grocery bills, utility bills, and all other spending took a major hit. I know Ryan is making more than he did 3 years ago and we are still straped due to the prices. What frustrates us so much is that the prices are quickly dwindling down as our country has finally hit a breaking point. We can't help but think these oil executives have a hand in all this. I am sure there are plenty of families who would still be living in the comfort of their own homes had these gas prices not sky rocketed. With all that said, we know that the Lord will provide for all our needs and really we don't deserve such lavish lives. I will say it has made us more witty when it comes to trying to make do. But I hate to think that we are just wasting our money so the suit wearing executives can have their summer homes and indoor basketball courts.

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