Monday, October 6, 2008


Our little toddler is growing up and is officially a little boy and not a toddler. I can't believe he is four now. Joseph turned four on Sunday. We celebrated his birthday with our little family on Saturday with the usual food, cake, ice cream & a couple of presents. The Mooses and Pop & Mimi sent him balloons and boy was he excited when a man brought them to the door just for him! Papu will be proud that he chose football themed sprinkles on his cake. He was so excited to get a red apron, matching chefs hat & rolling pin all of his own (and thanks to a fellow blogger it was FREE!). There is always a fight over Mommy's one extra apron and it usual ends in Thomas wearing a dishtowel. We still have a few more presents to open at his big party, but I find it very interesting that he was so content with the few presents he already received. He knows that there are more presents wrapped, but doesn't really care to much about them. We will do his big party with family and friends on the 18th at a nearby park. Where has the time gone? To make it harder he is humongous for his age, Dr. Green is amazed too! Bless his heart his body is growing faster than his brain can catch up and he seems so awkward when he runs. The little 7lb.9oz., 19 1/4 in. baby went from 50% to 100+% very quickly and continues to stay there. He is now past my waist in height and isn't slowing down, as some said he would. I am also encouraged that Dr. Green doesn't put a lot of weight on his learning level, as he is behind in some areas due to regressing with a younger brother and Joseph always seems behind around other people due to his shyness. We spent his birthDAY at some friends, The Wilkersons, for some fellowship and fun. Oh how the boys love playing over there with the freedoms and dirt and all those kids! It's sad to say I am not used to my kids having all those freedoms to run off in the woods and just be boys, but it just can't be done here in this little city. But enough of my rambling, my first born little toe-headed boy is growing up before our eyes! It has been a great four years and I couldn't imagine life without him!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I spent all that time talking to you guys in the main hall at Church and I didn't even say happy birthday!!!
I'm glad that he had a happy birthday :-D

I told my Mom about you being a--actually, I forgot what you were...but I told her that you pulled staples and stuff. My siblings think that's cool. I do too.

It was really great seeing you yesterday! Looking forward to seeing you at the fellowship meal next week.

-Ryann Igarashi

Megan & Ryan Reed (see our blog too!) said...

Don't worry, if you all are at the fellowship meal next week I'm sure they will be singing happy birthday to all those with birthdays! Yeah I was the Dr.'s assistant (I was in school to be a nurse, but decided I didn't want to be belittled by dr.'s & senior nurses the rest of my life :) To tell you the truth it always made me a little nervous, but you just go in and do it and think about it later :P Some were definetely worse than others!

Laurie said...

aww... Happy Birthday to the little guy! :)

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