Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Our Chaos!!!

Well blogging may have slowed down, but our lives have not. I've just been so busy for the blog world as I am slowly cleaning out our house with a perpetual yard sale in the cyber world. That's right I am a self-proclaimed EBAYer. You name it, I've probably sold it. The funny thing, is that 99.9% of everything I have sold is USED!!!! I use up as much of it as I like and then sell it. Sometimes I even sell it for more than I bought it for! Unfortunatley though, it has a habit of taking over our time, house & energy. I have slowed down somewhat, but do it more in spurts rather than constantly. Praise the Lord for providing via EBAY for Dr.'s visits, groceries, clothes, and the dreaded gas "crisis". Basically it picks up for the shortages Ryan is going through at work.

We are also organizing the donations for Ryan's nephew in Afghanistan and have the 7 boxes stacked and ready to go, awaiting the expensive postage as we can afford it. So that is also taking up our dining room. Our ding room should now be labeled: dining room/office/library/post office box! That's how you do it in a small house--"multi task"!

Lately the boys are into being "Daddies". They also think up people they can marry and although there are some cute girls I wouldn't mind them thinking of, Joseph comes up with Daddy as his prospect for marriage. :/ I have to admit that I think Ryan's a good catch, but nope there are just too many reasons for Daddy being an impossible prospect! Joseph like to think up names for the baby dolls we have scattered through the house and I think he gets his inspiration from the bible

Kalia is naked baby #1
naked baby #2 has an even more interesting name, but he forgot it :)

We also have crazy kittens running around, climbing, scratching, escaping & screaming!!!! They drive Ryan nuts the most, but are slowly working on my nerves. They still nurse on momma cat although they are almost her size. I find it hilarious when they lay over her from behind to nurse :\

On top of all that small stuff, Ryan and I are learning & embrassing the covenant theology which can be so overwhelming, learning so much and interpreting what the bible teaches.

There's also a few more things that we are busy with, but I will leave that for a future post, so come back and see what else we have going on!!! Ya'll come back now ya here!

Here are the pictures of chaos:

Sadly this is just ONE of our many ebay/misson afghanistan piles :(

Thomas came up to me tonight to introduce me to his new baby (not new--was mine). They say you turn out the way you are raised, well notice Thomas' baby is also missing clothes.

Here's Joseph's peanut butter smile!

No need for words!

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