Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Alive and Blogging!

To all of those who keeping checking on my blog and wonder if I fell of the face of the earth, well here I am. All my spare time has been wrapped up in a little thing called EBAY! With the rising gas prices and Ryan's work cutting back, well EBAY has been a huge blessing. To all of those who wonder, "can you really make anything on EBAY?" well yes you can. The more time you put in the more you get back. It does take time to enter in everything and then keep watch for messages from customers and mail out the stuff. Not to mention setting up PayPal and EBAY memberships. Once you get started though, it's fairly smooth sailing. EBAY & PayPal track things and do most of the work for you. The hardest part is not spending all your earnnings on new stuff! I would give a link to my EBAY page, but I'm afraid you maight find a gift or something you gave me! It ahs been a great decluttering tool and I'd rather do EBAY than sit outside and sell a couple items in a yard sale.

Also I recently had the pleasure of guessing Skeet's Tuesday Teaser which put me in a drawing, which I won!!! Skeet live in the great state of HAWAII and used the help of a hative at Starbuck's to draw the name. Yay a Starbuck's gift card, I wonder who will get that, (Ahem, Ryan!) :)

The boys are definetly alive, and kicking and screaming! They are a handful as usual, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Ryan and I got to drop them off with the some friends, Gabe and Brandi and go to one of my old friends' weddings. We had a good time but had to leave just before the dance floor opened. I don't know whether to be glad or sad :/ Get this, the happy couple was gifted TWO WEEKS in HAWAII--Hey maybe Skeet will see them there!

Sunday we had a church fellowship picnic so here is some pic from our time:

Ryan and the Boys checking out the huge bamboo patch at the park

More checking it out

Thomas charges!

And gets out of there quick. He is so active it wears me out thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

Is that Mr. W*** in one of those pictures? 'cause we were sitting right next to them, but you guys weren't next to us. In fact, you were on the very opposite side of the group we were in, if I remember right.

With the library in the backround in the last picture it makes it looks like we have an enormous Church! :-D

See you Sunday!

Megan & Ryan Reed (see our blog too!) said...


Yep that is Mr. W---! I don't know if he was sitting there the whole time, or just came over to visit with the people on our side. We sat in that area the whole time with the H. F------'s and the W. W---'s and the A. S----'s! You probably can't figure those all out, but have fun tryin'! See ya'll Sun.!