Monday, April 7, 2008

World Famous Tic-Toc Ice Cream!

Well, the first sight of spring has arrived in Loudon. Here we like to start the season with a visit to Tic-Toc Ice Cream Parlor which closes every winter and opens just before the weather starts to warm up good. We celebrated Thomas birthday with some of their fresh made original ice cream. This place is so popular that anytime we have visitors they usually turn down my desserts for ice cream. Thankfully though it can get kind of pricey so we have to limit how much we visit. It's just a block from our house so if you visit, we'll probably be making the stroll down there.

Joseph recommends:

Rainbow Vanilla (pink vanilla w/ rainbow chocolate pieces)

Thomas recommends:

ANYTHING Ice Cream!!

Megan recommends:

Loco Coco (coconut w/ real fresh coconut)


Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (w/ real raspberry and truffle pieces)

Ryan recommends:

Chattanooga Chocolate (plain chocolate, interesting name)


anything chocolate including hot fudge!!!

(Come and see what your favorite is, if you can choose of course!)

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