Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thomas' 2nd Birthday! VROOM, VROOM!

We recently celebrated Thomas' 2nd Birthday! He had a cars themed birthday party and we had a great time with the Hixson side of the family. Thomas enjoyed the black frosting, but thankfully I had a great tip for making black frosting and it didn't stain at all. He was blessed with some really nice gifts and go figure his favorite was the drum I bought at Goodwill. Just proof that you don't have to spend a fortune on your kids! Ha, ha!
Up top:
Aunt Tiffany riles up Thomas, as if he needs any help. Haha! While Mamu (My mom) asks Riley the deep questions.
2nd down:
Papu (my dad) is at his familiar stance with a camera in hand.
3rd down:
Thomas, the birthday boy, looks around with a puzzled yet happy look that everyone is singing to him.
4th down:
Thomas digs in, with no concern, to the black frosting.
The remake of a goodyear tire that says "secondyear".

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